Grateful for the journey

It’s a personal adventure that affects youth in the classroom.

Bonjour! My name is Anne-Marie, or as my students call me, “Madame Emanuelli.” I use this Franco-style identification to express my personal identity. It also serves to show my students that it is ok to be different. I am currently a middle and high school English Language Arts teacher and online curriculum academic adviser at Taos Academy Charter School in Taos, NM, USA.

Tolerance/acceptance of self and others is something I model in my life and in the classroom. Learning as a life-long journey is a cornerstone belief of my educational philosophy.

This blog is a documentation and reflection of my adventure of incorporating mindfulness into the classroom. (Mindfulness is secular. Meditation is a form of mindfulness practice. Practicing mindfulness is not religious; rather, it is a stress-reduction technique and social-emotional activity accessible to all ages).

Mindfulness in the classroom goals:

  • to teach students about present-moment mindfulness-awareness.
  • to teach them that they aren’t judged by their thoughts, sensations, and feelings.
  • to show by example that mindfulness is a way to feel good about yourself, just as we are, in this present moment.
  • to model being happy, grateful, loved, peaceful.
  • to show my students what it feels like to be empowered yet relaxed, to be confident, yet calm.